Happy 2022, 

How has January? Did you set any New Years resolutions? Learn a new craft, less screen time  or a little more exercise?


Well I should be doing all of those! I talked to myself about saving a little more this year for an exciting holiday, not sure we have a place in mind yet. Tik Tok made me do it... a little idea to write 1-100 on some envelopes and draw two per week. Well, I drew the £100 on the first envelope, honestly you can't make this up!


I set some little sewing goals and projects I'd like to work on in 2022, I don't like to fix things too much. Sometimes I see a pattern and I just want to make it right away. A principle I do want to focus on is to look at the stash first; the fabric stash and the pattern stash.


Here's my sewing machine, where all the magic happens! This is my 4th machine, a steadily growing collection.  Juki TL 2010Q. It's a real sturdy machine and sews so fast, I have it one the slowest settings all of the time.  It's such a little luxury to have a automatic thread cutter on the foot pedal, which I'm a total fan. No name though. Do you name your machines?


I would love to hear your goals for 2022 and sewing machine names.


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